(Federica AstroSTatistics Lab)

federica bianco

Principal Investigator


stirring this boat in all directions. Astrophysicst, Data Scienctist.

Phd Candidate


Riley works on stellar time-domain data processing and detrending with Principal Component Analysis


He grew up in Fairbanks, AK and like biking, hiking, skiing, playing music (trumpet & guitar), and cooking. He also enjoy nerd stuff like video games, anime & manga, science fiction/fantasy, and tabletop role-playing games.

MSc. Candidate


Tatiana works on CNN models to classify transients and discover new Astrophysical Objects


She is a Colombian physicists that love animals a lot and because she loves them she doesn't eat them. She is on the way to being a scientist.

Post Doctoral Researcher


Somayeh works on generating templates for stripped-envelope supernovae using Gaussian Processes. She is an expert in microlensing and machine learning.

She loves reading and traveling!

currently working on...

Phd Candidate


Willow works on modeling stripped envelope supernova light curves. (Heads up, this will potentially change within the week).


She enjoy playing the guitar with mediocrity, She is a beginner pointillism artist, She has a small fountain pen and ink collection, and she an amateur lock picker.

Ph.D. Candidate


Siddarth is finding optimal similarity metrics to classify different astrophysical variables and transients rapidly and accurately.

Phd Candidate


Xialong evaulates the performance of LSST's observing strategy. He is building a platform for the detection of light echoes, faint reflection of old stellar explosions.

Shar Daniels

Ph.D.. Candidate


Shar is applying neural networks to continuous readout astronomical images, where one of the spatial axes tracks time, to explore the subsecond astrophysical domain.


Siddharth Patel



Sid is working on creating an interface to access simulated LSST time series and sonify them.

He likes to read classic books and play video games in his free time, especially enjoyed playing chess recently.


Astro and Urban Science Alumni

Jendaya Wells Undegraduate student 2022 Music (Lincoln University)

Ming Lian 2019-2022 Astrophysics Graduate student, UDel

Sid Patel 2021 Astrophysics Undergraduate student, UDel

Ghihane Racid 2020 Astrophysics, Undergraduate student UDel

Julien Baur Postdoc 2018-2019 - Urban Science postdoc

Umer Zubair 2019-2020 - MS Physics

Desiderio Pilla 2020 - MS Data Science

Gabriella Cammarata 2017-2018 - MS Industrial Design

Bea Steers 2018 - MS Urban Science

Jon Kastelan 2018 - MS Urban Science

Chun Chieh Tsai 2018 - MS Urban Science

Charlie Moffett 2018 - MS Urban Science

Prince Abunku 2018 - MS Urban Science

Isha Chaturvedi 2018 - MS Urban Science

Guobing Chen 2018 - MS Urban Science

Hrafnkell Hjörleifsson 2017 - MS Urban Science

Michelle Manting Ho 2017 - MS Urban Science

Christopher Prince 2017 - MS Urban Science

Achilles E. A. Saxby 2017 - MS Urban Science


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